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Achievements 2012

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We have
  • Developed a new brand ‘STUN to attract more commercial sponsorship and help our members lift their profile STUN
  • Raised our Profile with  a new website Stunlive.com offering information details of our members, arts practitioners, groups and organisations. A photographic archive of our work, events and activities including staff and Board.  Alongside our members , their work and activities.
  • Registered as a CIC with Companies house
  • Established a Board of really committed Artists, people like you, making things happen creatively across the region, nationally and internationally. They have maintained a consistency of attendance, advice, feedback, support and work towards the development of the leadership and infrastructure for STUN hub
  • Delivered the Say it Loud programme, bringing together over 300 people over the autumn to explore Black History, Activism, Art and Debate.
  • Established our reputation as a place where people ask for diverse artists, producers etc. Including the Royal exchange who have offered STUN members the opportunity to showcase work in the STUDIO at royal exchange and included space in programming on the Special FX series. The Nottingham Playhouse programmer also has contacted us for names of organisations to consider for their STUDIO space too. We have been inundated with people sending us opportunities for us to share too.
  • Built a rapport with high profile individuals based in the Northwest who have offered to mentor and advise up and coming talents
  • Negotiated a Solicitor to look at our future contracts, lease terms and conditions.
  • Developed our amazing e-newsletter
  • Built a reputation nationally that other Hubs look up to, they ask us for advise and paperwork, job descriptions, conflict management, constitution
  • Brokered relationships with Business in the Arts and negotiated discounts for Board training and development.
  • Raised £1000 through voluntary contributions £2000 from Manchester city council for the Say It loud Program and Hulme History Month and £9000 from ACE for organisational development (£3k for each project)
I am so proud of all the hard work and dedication that has gone into the year as we build the infrastructure for a sustainable future.
Join us in this journey advocating for cultural diversity across the arts and ensure the celebration is properly marked and duly shared.  Become a member. Create a profile. Follow us on twitter and visit our face book page.

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