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Catalyst Evaluation Opportunity


pentabusThe fee for the work is £5,000 inclusive of VAT, travel and expenses and the deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday 16th August 2013.

Pentabus, Women and Theatre, The Other Way Works and Jane Packman Company are seeking an independent and experienced project evaluator to undertake an assessment of the impact of the Arts Council England Catalyst grant to the consortia to build their fundraising capacity.  This evaluation should encompass the impact on the individual partners within the consortium, as well as the consortium as a whole in terms of their fundraising capacity and capability.   The evaluation should act as a longitudinal study from day 1 of the award through to completion of the grant period, March 2015.

Catalyst: Building Fundraising Capacity is a £7 million Catalyst Arts: building fundraising capacity scheme aims to enable arts organisations with an underdeveloped fundraising model to increase capacity and expertise in this area and improve their resilience. In the long-term, organisations will be better able to embed new business models that increase and diversify their income to deliver great art for everyone. The scheme supports organisations to work together collectively and collaboratively to develop innovative and efficient solutions to addressing fundraising development needs. We believe that learning and skills will be embedded and reach more organisations if collaboration is at the heart of the approach.   The scheme is designed to help organisations with little or no experience of fundraising to:

·        build capacity to address both shared and individual fundraising development needs of cluster members

·        identify and develop effective fundraising models that have a long term impact on the business model of each organisation.

Further information and a full evaluation brief can be obtained from Rachael Griffin on 01584 856 564 or rachael@pentabus.co.uk

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