Deyika Nzeribe 1966 – 2017


Deyika Nzeribe, STUN’s Co-chair and a beloved son, brother, friend and father of three passed away suddenly on New Year’s Day 2017. This came as a great shock to all who knew him. Deyika was a tireless advocate for human rights, equality and more than anything he was a believer in people. Manchester Green Party’s mayoral candidate, he worked for many years to make Hulme and the city a better place for all. Deyika just couldn’t say no; always putting others needs before his own.

Please consider supporting Deyika’s family by making a donation to assist with the funeral arrangements (estimated costs £4000). Any funds exceeding the funeral costs will go towards an appropriate and lasting memorial within the community that benefitted greatly from his activism in the arts and politics.


A message from the Board of Sustained Theatre Up North.
We are deeply saddened to lose our Co-Chair, one of our strongest advocates and longest-standing Board members, Deyika Nzeribe. A quiet, unassuming man with an unwaveringly calm demeanour, his ability to enter into any situation and refocus things in a positive direction was outstanding. Outside of his solid financial skills he was the driving force of initiatives such as Fade to Black Film Festival, and the Black Panther Summer School; he was a truly active Board member and the backbone of the organisation. Deyika’s approach was consistently about collective endeavour; never seeking self-promotion, he always pushed others forward before himself. As well as Sustained Theatre Up North, he supported numerous organisations in Manchester – too many to mention – very much from the background. His reach and influence will be felt in many sectors across the City.

Deyika was a tireless advocate for human rights, equalities and more than anything he was a believer in people. He was remarkably open in his approach and desire to change the social, political and cultural landscape. Within Sustained Theatre Up North, his goal was to connect us to voices that otherwise wouldn’t be heard, and bring them to the fore; important voices for our generation and our future.

We will strive to keep this legacy going.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time.

Tony Watt, Co-Chair of Sustained Theatre Up North, said: “Deyika will be sorely missed and I’m still in shock and coming to terms with the fact that he’s gone…He was a locus of peace even in the midst of a storm and had a way of calming the rest of us down when we were in mid dispute. He thought deeply about things and often tried to correct injustices with always an eye for the central purpose of our organisation and the overall needs of creative people. If he saw people acting “in character” he would just smile quietly to himself and steer us in a more productive direction, and was good at rescuing us from impending crises. He was involved in so many activities that should have been full time in themselves I often wondered where he got the energy.

A truly irreplaceable man.”

Garfield Allen, Director of Space, said: “I’ve lost my right hand man, my confidant, my soul mate. Deyika always had the ability to refocus things, and bring a positive outcome to the trickiest of situations. I shall miss you deeply, dearly; my brother, my loyal friend.”

Miselo Kunda, Board Member of Sustained Theatre Up North, said: “Absolutely devastated. The truth is it’s all the little things that were the big thing…”

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