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Divergency: supported by hÅb + STUN.

A group of artists as diverse as their subject matter… meeting… talking… eating…exploring…

Check out Divergency’s Autumn programme below. Starting with the second Mixology – a group meal and discussion; followed by an exploration of critical writing; and finishing with a Live Art workshop, and an invitation to a performance by Stacy Makishi.


Tue 18 Sep 6-9pm 2018 | Z-arts | FREE

Group meal + discussion: MIXOLOGY
Challenging the barriers encountered by artists of colour exploring Live Art. A group meal + discussion, with guest Tarik Elmoutawakil.

In May 2014, we invited a diverse group of artists to come together for a meal, a glass of wine and a conversation about Live Art and cultural diversity. And so, Divergency was born…

A gathering of like-minded people, over the last 2 years we have eaten (plenty), drunk (even more) and talked, sometimes even argued (too much). We’ve also done workshops, seen and put-on performances and sown the seeds for a new crop of work.

Now we’d like to mix things up — and we’d like to invite you to join us in exploring, talking, watching, and making Live Art. There’ll be food, there’ll be talk, there’ll be a bit of performance — and we might even be mixing our drinks…

About Tarik Elmoutawakil
Tarik Elmoutawakil is an artist, programmer, and community organiser based at The Marlborough Theatre in Brighton since 2008. His recent public work is entitled ‘Brownton Abbey’, an Afro-Futures Performance Party that centres QTIPOC (queer, trans and intersex people of colour), in particular those with disabilities. Drawing on the divine energies of QTIPOC, Brownton Abbey reclaims and reinterprets QTIPOC spirituality and ritual, channelling it into an out-of-this-world party.

Tarik is fixated on themes of queer resistance, harnessing the elevation, celebration, and centring of Otherness. He is currently investigating the transformational power of both radically inclusive and radically exclusive spaces as modes of empowerment and social cohesion. Tarik is a keen public speaker on subjects such as ‘Tokenism’ and ‘Learning to Talk about Race’, and is invested in connecting connecting collectives, and amplifying the voices of marginalised people whose perspectives are usually unheard.

If you are an artist of colour, experienced, emerging or just plain curious about exploring live art, we would love for you to join us. To request a place, please email us at divergency@habmcr.org


Thu 25 Oct 6-9pm 2018 | Z-arts | FREE

How can artists and audiences sidestep the star rating format to give meaningful critical responses to watching performance? A workshop lead by Salome Wagaine.

This workshop is intended for artists and audiences looking to try out new ways of expressing joy, tedium, or something else entirely after watching a performance. Focussing on criticism that sits outside the star rating reviews format, the session will explore approaching critical writing in a way that makes room for the social context in which any show is made, through a combination of discussion and exercises.

About Salome Wagaine
Salome Wagaine is a writer and producer from London. Currently co-project managing Live Art UK’s Diverse Actions initiative (which works to support people of colour working within the live art sector), she will edit a publication at the end of the project’s three years. Outside of her work in theatre and performance, she has a cultural criticism newsletter and wrote and directed her first short film, Highlife, earlier this year.

If you are an artist of colour, experienced, emerging or just plain curious about exploring live art, we would love for you to join us. To request a place, please email us at divergency@habmcr.org


Tue 20 Nov  6-9pm 2018 | STUN Studio at Z-arts | FREE

Live Art Workshop with Stacy Makishi: KILLING TIME
Do you kill your creative ideas before they’re born? Do you notice that the more time you have, the less you get done? Are you constantly getting in your own way?

Introducing Killing Time!
This workshop that galvanizes participants to:
Move faster than think
Create faster than critique
Resist resistance
Pulverize procrastination.

Killing Time is a physical workshop that welcomes anyone who is curious about live art and performance. One must have a willingness to try out new ideas and an adventurous spirit to walk out into the unknown.

About Stacy Makishi
Hawaii born Stacy Makishi frolics with many forms including live art, film, visual art and physical theatre. She has performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Royal Albert Hall, TATE Modern and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Stacy Makishi has over twenty years experience as a facilitator and has been carefully cultivating crafty ways to catch artists off-guard. She has taught at Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Wellesley College and University of Massachusetts and has been resident artist and guest lecturer at Queen Mary University, London.

If you are an artist of colour, experienced, emerging or just plain curious about exploring live art, we would love for you to join us. To request a place, please email us at divergency@habmcr.org

plus on Wed 21 Nov, 7pm at The Lowry | Pay What You Decide

Stacy Makishi: THE COMFORTER
Part ritual; part prayer; part rowdy revivalist rally, The Comforter is a rite of passage that reclaims spirituality and proposes a new perspective on church. Exchanging psalms and sacrament for 80’s/90’s pop culture, it draws inspiration from Twin Peaks and Ingmar Bergman and throws a kiss to George Michael.

To book PWYD ticket for THE COMFORTER:  Info here.

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