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Exclusive Interview with Gina Yeshere at Contact Theatre

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gina-yashere cropExclusive Interview with Gina Yeshere at Contact Theatre

Miselo: How do you like Manchester?

Gina: “MANCHESTER!” she responded in a mancunian accent “its great”

Miselo: Why?

Gina: “Tickets sell out”, she laughed.. “only jokin” “no, I’m not actually” “Manchester show me a lot of love”

Miselo: Last time you came to Mcr you performed at the Dance House. Which venue to you prefer? Dance House or Contact Theatre

_SLK4329Gina: ”I don’t remember, ask my tour manager” “ I don’t remember S*** “ “which one was dance house?” “We are on the road all the time.” Gina was reminded, it was the one that sold out. She then responded “MANCHESTER!” in a mancunian accent

Miselo:” I guess it doesn’t matter which venue because we show you love every time you come.” “You sold out again tonight here at Contact Theatre.”

Miselo: What advise would you give an aspiring stand-up comedian?

Gina: “Work hard, love what you do, don’t steal other people’s material and ENJOY it.” She then sat back and smiled.Silk Photography at Contact Theatre Mcr

Miselo: “Where to next?”

Gina: “New York, Singapore, Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia, Beijing, Shanghi and Hong Kong”

Miselo: “Wow!”

Gina: Sounds great but I’m getting paid about £12 per gig but it’s fun.. laughter!

Miselo: “But you are now world wide”

Gina: Yes exactly

Miselo: “Thank you very much for your time” then emails were exchanged



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