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Fade To Black


STUN’s Lwimbo Kunda and Deyika Nzeribe are hosting a pilot Film Festival called Fade to Black in collaboration with Z-arts and The New Black Film. The aim of the film nights is to inspire artists and ignite conversations to produce new work and new collaborations. STUN’s client base is theatre and performance art but collaborating idea’s with filmmakers and enthusiasts could be the beginning of whole new series of work with different perspectives. No one has really done a regular black film night before in the northwest so audiences need to be built.

We would like to know what you would enjoy seeing, something that you excite you to invite a friend, take someone on a date or meet new like minded people and get inspired. Would you like to see re-runs of ‘The Real McKoy’ or Spike Lee films like ‘She’s got to have it or Jungle Fever? What about the film that made Oprah Winfrey ‘The Colour Purple’

Come and be part of this conversation. We tried to put a mix of arty, pop culture, UK British so there was a variety. Benji Reid did a theatre production called @The Devil Wants Quentines Heart. The sound track and 15 minuet lighting queue were cinematic. http://youtu.be/CXirREmRuO4

Why would you get involved.

A) to see films you have never seen before.

B) meet like minded people.

C) create new work

D) have the opportunities to meet the producers and directors of the films screened

E) Have an alternative date night

We are really interested in seeing if this something that people would get involved with. If so then we’ll start fundraising to help make new work. Come and give us some feedback.

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