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Imani Jendai nominated for The ADAD Lifetime Achievement Award

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ImaniSTUN would like to congratulate Imani Jendai who was nominated for The ADAD Lifetime Achievement Award in London this year. This was to recognize her outstanding contribution to the development of African Diaspora dance in the UK and internationally. Following 19 years of community dance services in greater Manchester, Imani Jendai and the Fe’Dance Board decided to focus their energy on producing a solid 20th year documentary. Some workshops, training and exams will stop during 2013-2014 academic year. Their final show, as a complete Fe’Dance school, with all the regions took place in July 2013. It was a spectacular show at the Waterside Arts Centre with the youth group performing Lion King and hits for high school musical and Bugsy Malone. The show included Caribbean and African dance, ballet, tap, and contemporary dance, singing and playing of various different musical instruments. The participants worked extremely hard as the show delivered dance excellence. Well done Fe’DAnce and a special Thank you to Imani Jendai who has work tirelessly teaching hundreds of children and fundraised thousands of pounds to pay for students to attend some of the top HE & FE dance schools in the UK. Imani we wish all the best in your new en-devour developing your new one woman show and look forward to the 20th year anniversary documentary.

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