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Introducing: Gael Le Cornec, Writer/Performer THE OTHER

Gael presents THE OTHER here in the STUN Studio on 29 June. Here she talks more about the work and what makes her tick!

How would you describe yourself and what you do?
I’m a writer, theatre-maker, performer and director born in the Amazon by a Brazilian mother and a French father. My theatre explores themes of identity, gender & migration through the perspective of women. I have 12 ethnicities.

Tell us a bit about the work you’ll be performing at STUN.
First time I’ll be performing with STUN and also first time bringing my own work to Manchester, looking forward to it!

What got you started?
Probably reading the play Antigone with my dad as a child, in the Amazon.

What was your big breakthrough?
Not sure breakthroughs exist… but an important moment was being offered to play the role of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

What’s the best advice you’ve had?
Keep working, keep focused and follow your instincts.

Can you describe your process?
It really depends on the project. But it always starts with a theme and a lot of research then experimenting the findings in the space, after that I make decisions on what material to use and find a structure. Then, it’s all about the re-drafts, lots and lots of them.

More about THE OTHER

Written and Performed by Gael Le Cornec
Directed by Ben Samuels
Produced by The Footprint Project

Chicago, Physical Festival – Thurs 7- Sat 9, 7pm
Isle of Wight, quay.arts – Sunday 17th, 6pm
Sheffield, Migration Matters Festival – Wed 20th 7pm
York, York Theatre Royal – Thurs 28th 7.45pm
Manchester, Z-arts & STUN – Sustained Theatre Up North – Fri 29th 7.30 BOOK TICKETS

Twitter: @gaellecornec
Facebook: @footprintpro

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