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Introducing: ZENDEH

Back in April, we caught up with the Artistic Director of ZENDEH, Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh, as the group undertook some R&D for their new show, TRANSIT, in the STUN Studio Space. TRANSIT tours to Theatre in the Mill, Bradford this Saturday 11th June. 

How would you describe yourself and what you do?

Artistic Director (CEO) of ZENDEH, a national touring theatre company based in Newcastle connecting the personal with the political. ZENDEH is part of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio of Organisations. ZENDEH is also a facilitator and founding member of Creative Case NORTH, for more information search on Twitter #creativecase

Tell us a bit about the work you’ve been making at STUN.

It’s a pleasure to return to STUN, our in with our show CINEMA during 2015 was dearly appreciated. This year into 2016 the opportunity to do research and development on TRANSIT – it has been brilliant in exploring our early ideas on: King Lear, Father’s and Daughters, Iran Air flight 655, and what our freedoms mean in a world twisting with terror.

What got you started?

The generous gift of a childhood provided by me family, where they made time and space to share stories with me, from the mythical to the epic, to the miniature, and real: and in doing so created the conditions for my imagination to run riot and weave new limitless playgrounds to explore with everyone I came into contact with.

What was your big breakthrough?

I was awarded an Arts Council England Directing Traineeship Bursary 2001-2002 based at Leicester Haymarket Theatre, which is now the CURVE.

What’s the best advice you’ve had?

Never give up on your creativity, and do this by being patient, generous, dedicated to your craft: and be supportive of others.

Can you describe your process?

ZENDEH has a 7 stage process for making theatre that is director led: but they come into three themes; Experimentation of Form, Collaborative Production, and Touring in Residence. For more information on this please email (steven@zendeh.com) Steven Gaythorpe Playwright & Producer at ZENDEH


More about: TRANSIT (work in progress commission)

Artist: ZENDEH
Director & Creator: Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh
Writer: Steven Gaythorpe
Choreographer: Nadia Ifkhar
Composer & Sound Designer: Mariam Rezaei Production
Manager: Stacey Choudhury-Potter
Associate Designer: Jahead Choudhury-Potter
Associate Lighting Designer: Louise Anderson
Projections: ZENDEH

Cast to be announced on the ZENDEH website (www.zendeh.com) May 2016

Theatre in The Mill, Saturday 11th June 2016, 7.30pm
Theatre in The Mill, Bradford, Theatre in the Mill, Off Shearbridge Road, Bradford (Post code for Sat Navs: BD7 1NX)

Reduced rate tickets can be bought online
Box Office Phone Number: 01274 233200

**Also Touring February – March 2017**

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(all images courtesy of Ella Mayamothi Sommeil)


Contact STUN’s Director of Space, Garfield Allen, for details on how to book or hire STUN Studio: garfield@stunlive.com

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