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Looking For Kool

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Written & Performed by Rani Moorthy Directed by Alan Lane Designed by Rachana Jadhav After a sell-out, triumphant premiere at the Southbank Centre’s Alchemy Festival 2012, sited in the underground spaces in The Royal Festival Hall, Rasa brings Looking For Kool to Manchester in a high rise building creating a unique and fascinating pop-up theatre experience.


Mrs U has watched her beloved home and ancestral land, taken over by hotels and time-share apartments for foreigners. She has survived the Sri Lankan civil war and its aftermath on her wits and on kool, the comfort stew that binds her community.

Defiantly she occupies one of these spaces and creates “The Coconut Grove”, part party, part family album, part secret ritual, all makeshift, all imagination.

Enter her world, drink her kool and through her and her family, witness the vagaries of life and war. Can you fulfil her poignant request?

Looking for Kool is an immersive theatre experience in an unconventional theatre venue. While there are points in which some members of the audience can sit, most of the show requires you to stand and walk as the action moves from one point to another.

The producers advise you to dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes!

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  1. chowders says:

    This is amazing! Don’t miss it!