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My Name is… | Tamasha


my name is | tamashaBy Sudha Bhuchar
Directed by Philip Osment

30 April – 24 May
Arcola Theatre, Dalston, London, E8 3DL
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29th – 31st May
Tron Theatre, Glasgow, G1 5HB
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A captivating new play about love, family and ever-shifting identities

My Name is… tells the story behind a story that fleetingly hit headlines in 2006 and continues to resonate throughout the UK and beyond.

When Gaby disappeared from her Scottish home, it was assumed that her Pakistani father Farhan, had kidnapped her and the spiralling headlines were only momentarily silenced when it emerged that Gaby may have fled of her own accord, choosing to spend her life with her father in Pakistan. To her Scottish mother Suzy’s distress, Gaby declared, “my name is Ghazala” and turned her back ‘Gaby’ and seemingly, the West.

This moving verbatim play reveals a cross-cultural love story that began in late 70s Glasgow, a world away from the frantic ‘tug of love’ well documented in the world’s press.

In April 2012 at Tamasha’s scratch night at Rich Mix, London an excerpt of the piece was showcased and was met with a great response from the audience:
“Intriguing, revealing and captivating… I can’t wait to see it in full!”
Nadine El-Hadi, Rich Mix audience member feedback

On 12th May 2013 a rehearsed reading was performed as part of High Tide Festival:
“It is a story that needs to be told… The play functions at many different levels.”
High Tide audience member feedback

Touring in September / October – dates to be announced soon…

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