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OQuadro in Manchester

Rehearsals at Z-Arts brokered the start of a Brazilian connection with STUN and OQuadro. This was followed by thier Debut UK performance at Whitworth Art Gallery this weekend, Oquadro continue there UK tour with the Bestival festival performance just around the corner and Band on the Wall.

Silk Photography for STUN Sustained Theatre Up North Named as one of the hottest acts in Brazil now, deliver that painting fired-up hip hop with his own kick single Bahia. Table make old-school, with Brazilian rules. This is high speed conscious rap, candomblé drums and dub, ijesha and afrobeat flavors-explosive! The following shows innovators in The Great Escape, Roundhouse London and Notting Hill Arts Club, in may 2013, the boom of Bahia is back in the United Kingdom this summer. Table: Table hail from the coastal city of Ilhéus in Bahia, northeastern Brazil. They are a team of seven pieces of hip-hop who joined as teenagers of 15 years and created their own route through by any means necessary. Without access to digital equipment (in the redoubt of samba, PPM were not easy to put in your hands), the line-up that painting looks more like a rock band led by three MCs. One of them, professor Jef (he is also a professor of philosophy), explains: “we’re hip-hop, our thinking is hip-hop. But when we started we didn’t have samplers or decks … for transposing the sound of Afrika Bambaataa, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys on bass, guitar, drum kit and percussion. We don’t have a hip-hop market created in Bahia as well when we play live that can end up playing alongside death metal bands, punk and reggae bands … this kind of influences us. We like Bad Brains, Massive Attack, Sepultura, Anti Pop Consortium, Lee Perry, Geronimo, Black Uhuru … everything that falls into the frame we call Table. Let us not to be defined. Hip-hop gives us is the framework of our song and it is also the way that we use to build our poetry. “Always aware, always burning, which is that painting. That painting and have huge respect for hip-hop fans throughout Brazil, his self-titled album, produced by Don Li’s Brazilian Dub was released in 2012. They also picked up a wave of new followers in his recent visit to the United Kingdom, where they performed with ravers the erotic heat wave, dancehall MC Lady Chann and reggae singer Natty on the Bass Culture Clash: Salvador vs London Tour. “Unique, lively and highly danceable music” Brighton Noise “that painting of Brazil-. Three rappers lead singer of a rock band, with songs that resembled the spirit of street party the beginning of hip-hop … It was artists like that painting, singular and curious, which made the Great Escape Special “Will Hodgkinson, times Bahia: Salvador is the oldest town in Brazil, a UNESCO World Heritage site and capital of Bahia, the State with the strong cultural presence in the African country. Plumbing deep inheritance, and connect the new chains, Bahia broadcasts a special wave energy when it comes to musical invention. He has been a creative power in flames-the source of crucial changes in Brazilian music that swept across the country and beyond. Samba originated there, is where Bossa Nova dreams started and where the very influential Tropicália movement erupted. The sounds of Bahia, always out of cultural collisions. With that painting the new Bahian manifest hip hop is here.

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