Esrene Hepburn

Esrene is currently a Freelance Engagement and Events Coordinator at STUN. In September 2013 she will be attending Manchester Metropolitan University where she will study a masters in International Events Management. This is a new career move for her and she is looking forward to all the opportunities it will bring her way.

Her first degree was in English and Media, she graduated in 2009 from The University of Huddersfield. She is able to make and edit video/film and she also writes screenplays. She recently completed a Science Fiction Fantasy screenplay titled Cryptic Odyssey, which she will enter into a few international competitions.

Below are some of Esrene’s filming projects that she worked on a few years ago. You may recognise a few familiar faces.

This was a filming project she worked on for All About Good Music. This was filmed before Misha B went onto X-factor to pursue her career goals as a singer. This was one in a series of videos she did for up and coming artist trying break into the industry, ED Sheeran was also amongst the group.