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Posh Tramps and Papooses


posh-tramps27th September 2013

7.30pm – 10pm @ Z-Arts, Hulme, Manchester

Posh Tramps and Papooses is the latest play from Manchester’s celebrated MaD Theatre Company.  Hot on the heels of their recent success ‘Gin and Chronic Arthritis’, MaD Theatre’s newest production is a return to their unique blend of surreal political satire and downright barmyness made famous by their previous plays such as ‘ASBO’, ‘Thai Brides and Teacakes’ and ‘Les Puddings Noir’.

Posh Tramps follows the Longbottom  family from Harpurhey, (a place recently made famous through the BBC3 documentary ‘People like us’), head of the family is Ma who has recently divorced her ‘wife’ in Hapurhey’s first ever same sex civil split, however, undeterred, and in an attempt to put that behind her Ma is now looking for a fella on the internet.  She meets Hector the Metro Link Inspector on Uniform Dating.com who promises her and her dysfunctional family a holiday of a lifetime …… to Chorlton … on the tram!

A hilarious look as cultures collide where Hummus of the week meets donner and chips!

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