We will soon be sharing with you how you can access the studio space in 2014. You will be able to register your interest at the end of this month. The soft launch will take place in December 2013, a series of master classes. The hard launch will take place year next year. The launch will introduce a season of work that represent the best of diversity in the North west and will open up a wealth of new artists, programmes, works and conversations.

Great ArtOur Chair, Miselo Kunda is working with the Board and the STUN Space Steering Group to develop an open and transparent application process.  The programme will include new commissions, work in progress, dance, spoken word, theatre, music, visuals, sound. Regional, national and international collaborations!

Please join us to ensure that STUN continues to identify and fill the gaps in the support YOU need to Make Great Art for Every-one!

 roadshows STUN is taking its message beyond Manchester to meet and speak with artists across the region. The Roadshow events are aimed at networking artists to each other and to Organisations and Venues showcasing work in progress and encouraging new collaboration attracting new members and giving them a voice in the development of STUN.

The STUN Roadshow is an interactive event aimed at Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Creatives, their supporters and the audiences they are wishing to develop. The event includes, live performance particularly of work in development, all forms including theatre, spoken word, music ,dance, live, cabaret etc. and from artists at all stages in their development, mostly local to the delivery location and environs but we also bring together artists from across the region to inspire and to support new collaborations

 Networking opportunities – informal and formal structures designed for the audience we expect.

Information Exchange – we have a new website that we are encouraging people to sign up to and we also have a new space due to Launch in December 2013, which could give free and or low cost rehearsal space to artists developing new work not just in the Northwest but across the UK. We want to find out what are the current issues for BAME creative across the region

Discussion and or Debate, often hosted Q&As with invited guests, for example, in Liverpool we are talking with Viv Tyler from Arts in Business, we are planning to share the outcomes of our recent collaboration as a case study.

InternetTV_Feature1STUN are committed to the development , education and sustainable employment of young people aged from 0 to 30. This project is being developed with a group of young gifted and talented BAME graduates to develop their skills as critical reviewers and broadcasters.

We hope to work closely with theatre producing and programming work across the region to develop a strategic approach to the development and publication of appropriate , appealing and engaging material for debate around the content and process of making theatre for all audiences. Outputs from this project will include online publishing of articles and enhanced content for our own e-newsletter.

Longer term STUN is keen to support the development of an online TV company to work regionally, nationally and internationally.

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