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Social Media Workshop, PANDA


panda arts logoDo you have an upcoming project which you need to promote? Do you wish to raise your organisations profile? Do you need to extend your companies reach? Or perhaps you need to increase your audience?

This social media workshop will focus on ways that you can market your work online. One half of the workshop will be led by Kate Kershaw who will explain how to develop a marketing stategy using social media tools. The other half will be led by Marcus Lilley of Futr Social who will demonstrate the range of social media platforms that can be used and will discuss the pros and cons of certain social media applications.

Suitable for those who are already able to use some basic social media tools such as facebook and twitter, this workshop will help you create a manageable and effective marketing plan as well as introducing you to some new tools and platforms which may prove useful.

Tickets for this event are limited and early booking is recommended. To book please click here

For more information about PANDA please click here

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