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STUN open for Business!

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CAN workshop at STUN studio space

CAN workshop at STUN studio space

We are excited to have our space open and active; with artists using the theatre, and new organisations in the Creative Hub. We’re open for ideas, and the studio space for the creative community to use, so do drop by to say hi! Call us on 0161 232 6088 or visit our website if you would like to become a member or enquire about the space.

Tony Watt
Chair STUN

Our office rental is available for members of the creative industries, performing arts, visual arts, graphic design, fashion, fabrication and literature, this list is not exhaustive! It’s £100 per month, all bills included. There are only 8 spaces left! If you’re interested in being part of our Creative Hub Email us or ring 0161 232 6088.

Richard Ramchurn of Albino Mosquit

Richard Ramchurn | Albino Mosquito

We welcome Albino Mosquito and Drake Music to our STUN Creative Hub. We asked Richard Ramchurn of Albino Mosquito how he was finding working in the STUN Creative Hub: “It’s like coming home, to my artist family; a supportive creative environment.” You can find out more about his work on their website: www.albinomosquito.com

 PinocchioThis month we also welcome Benji Reid back to Z arts with his amazing show Pinocchio. We asked him about his experience of rehearsing Pinocchio: “The STUN studio space is an exceptional space for research and development, very rarely do you get a fully equipped theatre  at your disposal for an artistic to experiment.” The show is touring and returns to Z arts on 8th March, more information on our website: stunlive.com/pinocchio-z-arts

Company Chameleon

Company Chameleon | credit: Brian Slater

Welcome also to Company Chameleon who’ll be in residence in STUN studio space developing and rehearsing a new piece of work: On Wednesday 19th March, Chameleon teams up with Norrdans (Sweden) and Thomas Noone Dance (Spain) for a day of creative exploration and skills sharing. The days events are part of a week long activity forming the UK leg of the Dancing Partners project.Dancing Partners Triple Bill will be performed at Blackpool Grand Theatre and The Lowry during this week.

Cheryl Martin

Cheryl Martin © Ajamu

Cheryl Martin will also be in our STUN studio space in May rehearsing and developing a new work. She says “I’m walking in the air since learning that my project, ALASKA, has got funding from the Arts Council.  And I’m happy to be able to launch it in the STUN Studio on the 2nd of May. It’s really ambitious:  it’s the launch of my first solo poetry collection, Alaska, by Crocus Books / Commonword – both a physical book, with illustrations and a DVD of poetry films and animations – and an e-book with even more bells and whistles.  The book launch doubles as a sharing of a one-woman stage show based on the collection, directed by Darren Pritchard.  All backed up by a team including Maria Gabriella Ruban from partner Filmonik, Bethany Hewitt of Inna Voice doing the illustrations, and Tommy Ollerenshaw on animation.  Darren has mind-blowing ideas for the movement and experimental projection.  ALASKA, Friday 2nd May, 7:30, STUN Studio,. Tickets on sale soon.”

Community Arts Northwest recently ran an Isadora (real-time media manipulation software) Training Workshop in STUN studio space for artists and programmers. “It is a great space for this type of training,” said one workshop participant.

@STAYHub Says “Huge thanks to ACE and everybody who supported our successful G4A bid. We greatly look forward to working with you over next 18 months!”

Neil Darlison, Director of Theatre and London at Arts Council England, visited STUN recently to look at the STUN studio space and hear about STUN’s future plans. We’re aiming to put the National perspective back at the heart of the Sustained Theatre initiative. We’re steadily working on how that’s best manifested in our plans going forward.

We look forward to welcoming you to STUN, if you are interested in booking the STUN studio space there’s an enquiry form on our website. If you would like to join STUN and take advantage of our generous membership package visit the join section of our website

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