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STUN Refurbishment

SLK_0571There is a distinct buzz of excitement is in the air with STUN Refurbishment. The hammers are hammering, the drills are drilling. STUN “Spaces Project” begins to take shape and its completion in December, will herald a new age of access and opportunity for artiste, producers, writers, dancers and practioners of the creative arts in the Northwest.

We will be bringing to you a cutting edge digital and physical creative space for a range of diverse theatrical forms. We are keen to not exclude anyone based on economic grounds but must workout the delicate balance to make this a successful venture.

We will be implementing an application process with a clear and transparent selection policy. The selection criteria are currently being developed and we are consulting with experts in this area so that we get the foundation right from the start.

We are currently working with Pauline Etim-Ubah, our organisational development manager, on the new business structure. We will soon be sharing with you how you can access the space in 2014. You will be able to register your interest at the end of this month on the website. It is exciting times and if you are an artiste in the Northwest, it time to be fired up, STUN is about to launch.

We will be starting with a soft launch introducing you to the space through a small number of master classes. Further information to follow.

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