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worksaheadWorks Ahead on either Thu 8 or Fri 9 May, 7.30pm at Contact

Three new shows about being on stage.
Three new works in development by young local artists

The houselights dim, the audience goes quiet – and there you are… transfixed in a spotlight…

Lindsay Bennett | Exit Smiling
In life, as on stage, Lindsay knows the importance of the grand entrance and the dramatic exit… but is everything in the middle just a show? And who, exactly, is she playing?
Paul O’Donnell | Nothing!
Paul needs adoration, approval and, above all, applause. You WILL clap, you WILL cheer… no, really, you WILL.
SheepKnuckle | Echo
SheepKnuckle are two young men going to extraordinary lengths to avoid being on a stage… so what exactly are they doing here?

We have a limited number of free tickets for STUN members, sign up here and we’ll even buy you a drink*

*a beer, a glass of wine or a soft drink

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